Tuesday, May 27, 2008

something much more exciting than the democratic nomation race

So, life gets in the way of blog sometimes, and there's a live show backlog that would put Chinese Democracy to shame. In order to organize the trickle of these items into a meaningful order, I'm leaving it up to you, my faithful readers (yes, both of you) to request what you want first. Here's your options:

Daniel Johnston
Stephen Malkmus
The Kills
The Cure
The Decemberists (w/ Barack Obama)
Simian Mobile Disco
Queens of the Stone Age
Mars Volta
The Dirtbombs
The Von Bondies
Los Campesinos

Votes on the back of the postcard to the usual address (or for those of you who are into this new-fangled world-wide-internetweb, you can use the comments thread).



ric-rac said...

Go in order. It will be far less embarrassing that way. I know you don't take notes.

Lisa said...

I vote Johnston and Malk


Hannah said...

And here I was thinking that you were just hibernating for a few weeks... I vote for:
- The Decemberists

Dave said...

Malk! Malk! Malk! Malk!

Lisa said...

How long do we have to wait?